Christmas and Resources

This is a blog that started as something else. It started as a tool for publicizing ideas about the pedagogy of eTwinning. But it hasn’t worked like this. So I don’t see why not use it to publicize ideas about teaching English and teaching in general. For the moment, because we are knee deep in glossy papers, Christmas trees, glitter crayons and various types of silver garlands I don’t have the time to write theoretically and explain my manifesto (in case there is one, I’m not sure yet). I just wanted to share a few things I found while surfing the net.

So here they are: Best Christmas twitter backgrounds:

Best Christmas presentations from Slideshare

Christmas Celebrations around the world (excellent photography)

Visual imagery of Christmas

Christmas traditions around the world

Christmas traditions in the USA (very helpful for us non-native teachers, very analytic)

Beautiful Christmas decorations (title is self-explanatory)

I’m sure there are many more and I’m going to update the list. I would be glad for your suggestions of course!



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